About Us

Why Are We Amongst the Best?

Diamon Wood GMBH is a German owned manufacturing and export company with branches in Africa, specialised in international supply of wood products. With vast professional experience, we offer verified legal and sustainable wood products worldwide.

How we work

We engage constantly to make sure that our wood offer is always available and vast. Our customers, conscientious about their stock rotation, can rely on us to provide promptly available stocks, ready to deliver, but still competitively priced. We guarantee continuity and stability that helps in optimizing our production capacity.

 We believe that a stable, long-term relationship is critical to keeping up a secure supply through the value chain. We are well integrated in the forestry and wood business and represented by our own staff in all sales markets all over the world to enabling us to meet all our customers’ requirements.

Seedlings to Solutions

We are inspired by forests and the endless possibilities of designing and building with wood. From planting to harvesting and final construction it’s our passion for an integrated approach that drives us to make the best use of every log we touch.


“Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.” Our woodlands management ensures we maximize the benefits of our forest while stewarding them for future generations. We work hard to ensure that the processes we’ve established to service global markets.

 Sawmill Facility

Building on over years of experience and expertise in manufacturing, our sawmill produces some of the highest quality products for markets all around the world. Through the knowledge, ingenuity, and dedication of our team, we have always remained flexible and responsive to customer needs while pursuing premium specialty products. Our proprietary drying process along with generations of production efficiencies allow us to provide timber you can trust to be on time and on spec.


We know the wood; we know the timber and we know how to connect the right product to the right task. Even more importantly, we know the value of forests to our globe and to our world. Therefore, we know the importance of responsible forestry and bear in mind that forests, and the life of forests, must keep expanding while we harvest and while we plant.
Our deep insight into wood and its many applications is an asset to the world and an asset on both sides of the direct supply-demand spectrum.

Why Are We Amongst the Best?

We’ve set up an integrated timber processing complex with a built-up area totaling 50,000m2 with the following facilities :-

*  Kiln and Air Drying Plant with an annual capacity of 100,000m3.

*  Container Handling and Forwarding Terminal huge capacity

* Safe and timely delivery

* We are certified

* Quality / Reliability / Care.