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The wood is orangey yellow-brown to reddish-brown. Tali from East Africa has lighter color. The sapwood is striped and clearly demarcated. The grain is interlocked and the texture is coarse. Tali darkens on exposure. The wood is moderately lustrous. It is suitable for use in contact with the ground.


(H=12%) : 0,90


Not permeable


The wood dries slowly with high risks of distortion and checking


Moderately stable in service


Durable and resistant to fungi, dry wood borers, and termites


Tali’s difficult to saw; stellite-tipped sawteeth are recommended. Finishing is generally fair, but planing may be difficult due to interlocked grain. Pre-boring is necessary for nails and screws. The gluing properties are good.


  • Sleepers
  • Heavy carpentry
  • Hydraulic works (freshwater)
  • Poles
  • Stakes
  • Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground)
  • Industrial or heavy flooring
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground)


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